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I had promised that I would write a review of Pacific Volkswagen after my 90-day service visit, so I'm doing that now-- it's quite a bit after the 90-day mark and you'll see why. I had two issues with the vehicle itself-- one minor, one pretty major. This isn't a review of the car, obviously, so I will leave those aside. The minor issue was small enough for me to wait until the 90-day visit and the major issue happened pretty close to the 90-day mark, so I brought it in on-schedule. I give these guys high marks all the way around-- the service visit aside, since my initial purchase, I got the appropriate follow-up calls from the sales associate (George Dunbar) and he was also able to give me info on a feature or two that I didn't know how to operate. In the case of this visit, there were only a couple of things that I "dinged" them for off of a perfect score. The major problem I had was a hidden leak in the passenger compartment that allowed rainwater to sneak in behind the dash and directly onto the driver's side floor. With the amount of rain we were having, this was pooling up under my feet (saturating the carpet and padding underneath) and leaving the inside of the car humid like a steam bath (making morning frost and condensation that much worse). I gave the overall experience a 4 just because of how long it took to get resolved. I understand that the issue itself is a manufacturer thing and not the dealer, but I have to put my understanding aside and just look at it from just the customer experience perspective. In fact, they were fantastic in dealing with me, though with everything involved, it took 19 days in the shop to get it fixed (and there was a LOT of work involved). During that time, I was provided with a loaner from an on-site Enterprise rental stand-- unfortunately, the only vehicles they had that day were large Nissan Frontier pickups (hardly the more fuel-conscious VW). They were great about keeping in touch with me to let me know what was going on-- and it was an awful process-- the entire interior had to be removed from the vehicle, VW themselves had to be consulted, all of the carpet and padding was replaced (along with the center console for the minor issue-- the cupholder broke). All-in-all it was about $2,300 worth of work covered under warranty, plus the 19 days on the rental vehicle (which they also paid for). Would have been a 5 if it hadn't taken so long. The Quality of Work takes a ding for a minor issue-- all of the stuff related to the replaced carpet, padding, center console, etc. is was great, fine, etc. The one issue I discovered driving home was that none of the Bluetooth features were working-- the buttons related to the phone did not respond at all, no matter where they were located in the vehicle. I got on the phone and was invited to bring the car back next week. I wasn't that excited about doing that (for obvious reasons)-- but I asked them to see if there was some way the system could be reset or if there was something like that I could do without bringing it back. Sean (the service writer whom I had been in contact with the whole time the vehicle was in the shop) said he'd check with a tech-- Sean called back about 40 minutes later and I was given something to check. Sean waited patiently on the phone while I poked and prodded and, eventually, I found the thing that had not been properly reconnected and the Bluetooth was working again. So, all is resolved, but I had to ding them on Quality of Work for overlooking that and not fully testing the vehicle before giving it back to me (which Sean mentioned in passing they are supposed to do). Overall, a great experience-- any negatives about owning the car for the first 90 days are certainly more in Volkswagen's pile than the dealership.


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Pacific Volkswagen is the largest, award-winning Volkswagen dealership serving all of our customers from Los Angeles to Manhattan Beach, CA. Our hopes in working with new and returning customers go so much farther than simply selling our excellent lineup of Volkswagen vehicles to as many people as can walk into our showroom. Each member of the Pacific Volkswagen team wants to make our customers feel at ease by building a rapport and learning about them as people. Once that process has been completed, are we at Pacific Volkswagen in position to truly be a resource for our customers.

By having the good fortune to be a leading Volkswagen dealership, the Pacific Volkswagen staff picks up where our excellent lineup of vehicles ends by providing nearly perfect service. Everyone at the dealership aims to provide customers the kind of excellent service that is befitting some of the most reliable, stylish and high-performing vehicles available to customers of southern California. In addition to having a well-trained and professional sales force, we also have one of the most qualified teams of service technicians assembled in one location.

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