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Benefits of Owning the Volkswagen e-Golf Torrance CA

Driving an electric car can provide you with a number of benefits, and when you choose the e-Golf, you have all the benefits of Golf sportiness and innovative VW engineering to add to your driving experience. Driving an electric car doesn't have to be dull, and it certainly isn't with the e-Golf. Check out some of the benefits of owning a Volkswagen e-Golf in Torrance CA.

Interested in a Volkswagen e-Golf?

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No fill-ups at the pump

The e-Golf runs on all-electric power. So don't worry about having to stop for gas ever at a busy gas station near Torrance CA ever again.


Money saver

Once you cut gas costs out of your budget, you'll likely be amazed at just how much money the electric e-Golf can save you.


Golf family design

Do you love that sporty and stylish Golf design? Get the same sleek style from the e-Golf.


Plenty of passenger and cargo space

Electric cars don't have to be small and cramped. Though the e-Golf may be compact, it provides plenty of passenger room and impressive cargo space.


Electric car tax credit and state rebate in Torrance CA

When you buy your e-Golf, don't forget to take advantage of the federal tax credit and state rebate available to you.


Quiet, unexpected power

Driving an electric car means your vehicle is now quieter than ever. Though there is no roar of a combustion engine, the e-Golf still delivers a thrilling drive that may surprise you.


Quick charging

The e-Golf can charge quickly, allowing you to plug in overnight and be ready to go again the next day for your daily commute or evening errands thanks to the e-Golf's range of up to 83 miles. 


California HOV lane access

When you get behind the wheel of the e-Golf, you're playing your part to take care of the environment. Receive a little appreciation for that with HOV lane access!


Be a friend to the environment

Like we said, you're doing a great thing for the environment by getting behind the wheel of an e-Golf. Zero-tailpipe emissions means no stopping at the gas station for you and cleaner air for everyone.


Cut down on your maintenance needs

Oil changes are a regular part of vehicle maintenance for most cars, but not for the e-Golf. Cut those out of your budget, and forget about exhaust system concerns. That's some extra money left in your bank account thanks to the e-Golf.



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