Pacific Volkswagen Has All Your Volkswagen Models

When you're in the market for a new vehicle, you want to go to someone you trust. Pacific Volkswagen is your one-stop-shop for your next new Volkswagen models that are sure to fuel each of your adventures with ease and enjoyment.


The Jetta is the compact sedan that outperforms other sedans similar but at a lower price. It features a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that is incredibly useful for any occasion.

Jetta GLI

What more can you ask for in a four-door sedan than 25 miles per gallon on city blocks and 33 on the highway? You'll be sure to enjoy the Jetta GLI everywhere you go. The Jetta GLI is like the Jetta with a little bit more spice.


The Volkswagen Passat is a powerful and larger sedan than the Jetta that does a talented 34 miles per gallon on the highway. You'll find V-tex leather seats inside that are just one of the great things about a mid-class German-engineered SUV.


ID.4Check out how the roofline of the Volkswagen Arteon that flows to flex its performance and aerodynamics. The same 2.0-liter engine that goes in the smaller Volkswagen also fits inside this full-sized coach.

Is electric your style? Volkswagen is hip with it. That's why you can test drive this full-electric SUV at Pacific Volkswagen. Come to Pacific Volkswagen to see what all the buzz about when it comes to their plans for electric vehicles.


The Tiguan is a four-door performance SUV that performs exceedingly well, no matter what you throw at it. Are you looking for driver assistance features in your next SUV? Let's just say that the Tiguan has ample safety features to give you the necessary peace of mind you need to get around.

Atlas Cross Sport

The Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport is an artfully designed full-sized SUV that makes drivers appear like a king or queen while sitting at the driver's seat. That's because the Atlas Cross Sport houses the innovative driving technology.


When you're shopping for a capable full-size SUV, you won't want to pass up the Volkswagen Atlas. Other brands will try and make you pay more for the quality that Volkswagen provides the Atlas for.

Golf SportWagen

The Golf SportWagen is everything you need it to be. 147 is enough horsepower to make you happy driving anywhere you need to go. We know you won't be disappointed when you choose the Golf SportWagen.

Golf Alltrack

Driving a 6-speed manual transmission is the ultimate driving experience. It's a sensation that gives you complete control of the vehicle. It also helps you shift gears using paddle shifters mounted onto the steering wheel. Hill descent control is a feature you will enjoy messing around with on dirt roads, and it could also potentially keep you safe.

Volkswagen Beetle

The new Volkswagen Beetle maintains the legacy of a classic vehicle that cruises California highways with ease. We think you'll like the way the modern-day Beetle combines its iconic roots with new driver assistance features and touchscreens.


The classic Volkswagen Rabbit has evolved into a rapid-moving economy car called the Golf that zooms past other vehicles on the highway. If you are looking to drive around in a small but fast wagon, the Golf is going to be your best friend for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Golf GTI

Looking for higher performance and a less-basic version of the Golf? That's when you opt for the Golf GTI. Just an easy upgrade to make when you visit Pacific Volkswagen.

Test Drive The Volkswagen You Want

After you take a test drive in the Volkswagen you like, all you have to say is yes to driving it home and putting it in your garage. It doesn't matter which Volkswagen you want, so all you have to do is make a quick decision between a selection of Volkswagen vehicles that don't mess around when it comes to quality.