Apply for Financing and Drive Home to Los Angeles in a Volkswagen Vehicle

We carry a variety of Volkswagen models in our new and used inventory at Pacific Volkswagen. If you need a vehicle in Torrance but aren't sure you've saved the cash yet, consider our financing options. Apply for financing or leasing at our Hawthorne location and get behind the wheel.


Once you've selected the car you'd like from our featured used inventory, you can get the financing process started. Financing a Volkswagen car is taking out a loan and paying it back in installments. Payments are usually spread over a period of years, typically 24 to 84 months or longer. The vehicle cost commonly determines these payments, required insurance during the loan, credit score, and interest.

Financing could be ideal if you prefer to own the vehicle completely without restrictions; you'll have full reign to drive as many miles as you'd like around Redondo Beach and beyond and customize your vehicle. Taking out a loan establishes equity in the Volkswagen vehicle or the difference between vehicle value and the loan balance. When you pay off your Volkswagen car, you can sell it or trade it in for a new car.


When you lease a vehicle, you'll pay a monthly fee to rent the vehicle. Lease payments are commonly based on credit score, mileage, insurance, and predicted depreciation during the loan term. These payments are usually lower than loan costs. Common lease payment periods run from 12 to 60 months, but you may be able to work out a longer or shorter lease period.

If you don't work far outside Manhattan Beach or need a temporary vehicle, leasing may be ideal. You can return it to us at the end of the lease without a commitment to buy. You can try a new Volkswagen vehicle with the freshest luxury features at a much more competitive cost.

Apply for Financing Online

We make applying for a loan easy with our convenient online tools and secure and simple forms. Be sure to watch for new vehicle specials, or consider reserving your Volkswagen model in advance and financing through that.

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